About Us

Our Story

SoccerDad is a by-product of a journey that started in 2005 when I enrolled my eldest son in a house league program in Toronto. With all 4 children going through the local soccer system, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. It also left me wondering why we as a nation continue to lag behind countries with less resources.

SoccerDad started as a blog to help myself make sense of the soccer landscape and share that knowledge with fellow soccer parents who were making that journey. I spoke with parents and coaches. I frequented soccer forums to find answers on how to improve our sport. In the end, I concluded that we have to elevate our game if we want to be recognized as a soccer nation. The idea was simple, but getting there was not.

Elevate Your Game has been the driving force in what we offer, and it is our desire for our soccer community. We also believe that soccer should be accessible to anyone even at the competitive level. That is why we make every effort to keep our costs low while keeping service quality high. We want our services accessible to anyone who wants to take their game to the highest level.

Our Team

We are a small team of family members and associates who understand the game, and have the technical knowledge to capture the game according to viewer objectives. Each of our team members has filmed dozens of games in Ontario in both indoor and outdoor fields. Our experience combined with modular video equipment ensures we consistently offer high quality and reliable video productions for our clients.