Video Services

Soccer Videography

Video is now an indispensable component of the game as an aid to Player Development, Scouting and Promotion. We use High Definition cameras and modular filming equipment to get the height required to capture your game properly. We have panoramic video towers that extend from 15 ft to 30 ft. We also have tripods, monopods and various hardware to ensure your game is captured at an optimum level.

Team and Individual

We apply our knowledge of the game and videography experience to provide high quality game footage that is dynamic and highly "watchable". Generally, we recommend that games be captured for the whole team so that costs can be shared (less than $10 per player each game), and everyone gets a personal copy of the game. While this is not always possible, we can also capture for an individual player upon request.

After the Game

We process the video footage and deliver the finished product within 24 to 48 hours. We provide you link a to view your game online and another link to download a copy of the video file.


We can stream your game live on Livestream or YouTube. We also support other RTMP platforms. We can provide our own wireless data network, and power supply. For games with a sports commentator, we can support multiple audio inputs. Contact us to discuss your sports event requirements.

Video Editing Services

Player Highlight and Recruitment Videos

For players looking to progress their soccer aspirations, whether to play for a top university, try out for a professional club or be considered for a national team, a highlight and recruitment video is an indispensable tool in showcasing a player's skills and playing style to coaches.

Each player brings a unique set of skills to the game. We apply soccer knowledge, graphic skills and interaction with coaches to weave a story that is distinct to the player's abilities.

To keeps costs low, we work with players and parents to share in the effort. The first step is determining if there is enough video material to create a highlight video. We recommend a minimum of 2 to 3 games of video footage as a starting point.

For parents that have access to a video camera, and are inclined to capture their player's games, we offer free advice and guidance on how to best capture your player's game.

Click on this link to view sample Player Highlight and Recruitment Videos

Ontario Soccer Coach B and C License Evaluation Video

Coaches looking to acquire a B license or C license are assessed via a video evaluation process. We have experience working with coaches to complete this requirement. You can go to our Contact page and call or email us so we can assist you in this process.

Click on this link to go to the Coach Evaluation process on the Ontario Soccer Association website.